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Osteopathy & Sports Rehabilitation

Osteopaths along with other manual therapists work with athletes to assist them in the recovery from injuries and educate them on how to avoid a potential relapse. Due to the strenuous demands of training on an athletes muscles, joints, tendons and bones, osteopaths are often called upon to aid in the restoration of body function by aiming to normalise structural imbalances, reduce postural and direct strains on supportive tissues, while aiming improve body circulation.


How does the rehabilitation process work?


Our qualified sports rehabilitation and osteopathy specialists in Chatswood have expert knowledge in this area, meaning that they can quickly identify the problem and begin a method of treatment that will begin to help the healing process. Our entire company philosophy revolves around keeping our clients safe, whether we’re doing one on one training, group fitness or outdoor sessions, your wellbeing is our number one priority and that remains the same throughout our physio services.

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If you have suffered or are suffering a sporting related injury, we are here to assist you in your return to full function. For further details on how we may be able to assist you, book online an osteopathic consultation or contact us for further enquiries.