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Get Motivated with Group Fitness Sessions in Sydney

Have you always wanted to get in shape but find working out alone in a gym boring and unappealing? Body Reboot has just what you need to get leaner, fitter and stronger while also having fun. Our outdoor group fitness options in Neutral Bay, St Leonards, Cammeray and surrounding North Sydney suburbs are the perfect way to socialise whilst always getting an intense workout. We promise that you won’t be dragging yourself to these sessions, but we can’t guarantee that you won’t be dragging yourself home.

The benefits of outdoor exercise

It has been proven that exercising outside in a natural environment holds far more advantages than working out in a gym or at home. Along with increased energy and decreased feelings of tension, depression and anger, studies have shown that getting your heart racing outdoors also makes you feel more revitalised, enjoyable and makes you more likely to exercise again.

The benefits of group exercise are similar in that they provide a sociable environment where people are happier and more motivated to work out in the short and long term. Additionally, it is thought that group environments offer greater accountability, thus making you work harder, and has the added safety of being around people if anything were to go wrong.

Book your spot today

Become a part of our community of motivated, strong clients who love working out and smashing results. After just one session we’re sure you’ll see why exercising in a group is a great way to feel your best.

Fill out the contact form on our website to enquire about our personal training, osteopathy, sports physio or outdoor group fitness sessions throughout St Leonards, Cammeray, Neutral Bay and North Sydney, or call 0404 025 626 for more information on our services.


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