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Osteopathy & Rehab throughout Sydney

You don’t have to suffer through pain or stiffness in your everyday life, nor do you have to let it stop you from doing hobbies that you love. At Body Reboot, our professional osteopathy services help you get back to normal in no time at all.

We are committed to helping our clients lead happier, healthier lives in any way we can. Through our range of personal training options as well as our osteopathy rehabilitation in Chatswood, Sydney, we cover all bases when it comes to getting your body working to its full potential.

Initial Osteopathic Consultation

$110initial session
  • 45 min session duration

Subsequent Osteopathic Consultation

$90per session
  • 30 min session duration

What is involved in the rehabilitation sessions?

Osteopathy rehabilitation understands and focuses on the connection between the bodily structure and its functions in order to diagnose injury and illness. Concentrating on the way in which the skeleton, nerves, muscles, tissue, joints and organs work together, an osteopath will attempt to solve any issues so that your body can work to its full capacity once again. Using hands on techniques, osteopathy rehabilitation will stretch, massage and mobilise areas of the body that seem to have dysfunctions in order to strengthen them once again for normal use.

Many people who regularly play sport, go to the gym or do any type of intensive physical exercise, develop injuries that require an osteopath to bring them back to full function. While this can sometimes be the result of simple mistakes, many people suffer injuries as they do not understand how to do the exercise or sport they are taking part in. This is why Body Reboot puts a firm focus on safety at all times during our group and personal training sessions.

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If you’re looking for an effective sports physio or osteopath in Chatswood and throughout Sydney, look no further than Body Reboot. We are proud to offer effective treatment for our clients who want to get their body back to its full potential once again.

For appointments or enquiries, call us today on 0404 025 626 or fill out our online contact form.

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