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"The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you're not willing to stay where you are."


Total Newbie to Personal Training?

Struggling to reach your fitness potential?

Concerned about previous injury?

injured and need active rehab?

Can't lose the weight?

1-on-1 Personal Training

Our Process to change….

1. Initial Consultation & Health Assessment

Our highest priority is client safety; our second is producing positive training outcomes.  All private personal training programs begin by obtaining the necessary information to gain complete understanding of the clients needs. This process limits the risk of potential injury, and potentiates the best possible training outcomes.

Each Personal training Client receives an initial consultation & preliminary health assessment. These measures are used to design and launch the best training solution for the client.

 2. Program design 

Designing a program around the clients needs is key. Body Reboot engages science and research when it comes to program design.   To illustrate the importance of program design, a client needs a solution created with their goal in mind. Our programs are designed around key components of health & fitness and include strength, power, endurance, speed, acceleration, mobility, flexibility and coordination. That is to say, if the client is targeting  fat loss, strength and power, they need a specific program, validated by science, that targets those components. That is how you achieve goals. That is how you achieve goals efficiently and without injury.  You don’t need to be ‘pounding the pavement’ on a program designed to increase endurance in the hope that you will lose fat, tone and improve your strength! That is an inefficient, non- specific, high injury risk, attempt to reach your goal.  Start with the end in mind and program correctly.  Program design is key and should not be discounted.

3. Program Implementation & Training

The trainer and client work through the program together. Some clients like to know why they are doing a specific exercise and others do not.  This is an active client phase where the program is outlined, demonstrated and then tried by the client.  Executing movement with proper technique requires a combo of education, demonstration, feedback, modification and repetition.   The Trainer and Client “fine tune” the program as needed in an ongoing process over subsequent training sessions.

4. Reassessment, Analysis & Management

“I know i am fitter”, “I feel stronger” “I have lost weight” – these are the comments of  clients that produce positive results. Do you as the client want to know for sure?

For the client who wishes to loose weight, we can organise  pre and post training analysis showing you the loss in your body fat percentage with over 99% accuracy. Results that are measurable, are motivational and empowering. We like to show the client that their improvement in health and fitness is not just a positive subjective experience, but one that can be measured objectively. This not only can motivate you further but it allows reference points for further positive changes in your health and fitness.

Not everyone requires in-depth analysis of their training, and that’s fine too. Either way, we can show you the evidence that proves you have achieved your goals from a well executed program.

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