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"Reduce Class Size & you Reduce Injury Potential" #bodyreboot

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"Don't get lost in the Crowd Anymore"

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"Personalised for optimal results" #betterbydesign

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Class size is Limited. Your Gains are Not. #bodyreboot

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Revolutionising Outdoor Training. # A breath of fresh Air.

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The best Training is shaped by Accountability #bodyreboot

  • We keep it personalised. maximum of 6 people so you receive the benefits.
  • advanced program design scaled to your level of fitness & goals
  • Objective measurements of your progress within a supportive training environment
  • The best cost effective pathway for rapid change in health & fitness
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Get Your Heart Racing With Group Exercise Classes in Sydney

If you love getting active with friends but can’t stand going to the gym by yourself, Body Reboot has just the solution for you. Our range of group training options in Neutral Bay, Northbridge, Cammeray, St Leonards and throughout North Sydney are the perfect way to feel motivated and excited about exercising, rather than reluctant and bored. By joining our active community of like-minded people, you can begin working towards achieving your health and fitness goals.

Reap the benefits of training in a crowd

There are a multitude of reasons why exercising in a group – big or small – is beneficial to your physical and mental health far beyond any of your fitness goals. To begin with, group training sessions make you feel more accountable, giving you the motivation to work harder and achieve better results. Not only are you encouraged from your instructor, but you receive encouragement from your fellow workout buddies as well.

The social aspect is also a huge plus, as it allows you to talk, laugh and have fun while also working hard. These positive experiences then give you motivation to continue participating in group classes and help you feel more confident about exercising.

At Body Reboot, we provide a personalised service that focuses on your goals. We regularly measure your progress and ensure that the program is designed for your level of fitness so you can feel comfortable and excited to raise the bar higher over and over again.

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Our group training in Northbridge, Neutral Bay, St Leonards and Cammeray and throughout North Sydney is limited to 6 people per session. This ensures that your trainer can give each person the attention they need to guarantee their safety and wellbeing.

To enquire about our group options, personal training or outdoor sessions, call Body Reboot today on 0404 025 626.


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